Chris Webster, Trustee/Treasurer/Financial Advisor
Chris began his professional career as an insurance claims adjuster in 1985 while working in Boston for a large Insurance Company. Chris gained valuable knowledge adjusting claims in Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Automobile and Homeowners Insurance. After 5 years, Chris was recruited by a start-up company that offered Independent Medical Examinations to Insurance Companies, Claims Administrators and Federal and State Agencies. Hired as a Marketing Representative, Chris exceeded his sales goals and was quickly promoted to Marketing Manager supervising 15 representatives in New England.

In 1994, with a partner, Chris formed his own company which grew to 4
million dollars in gross revenue by 1998. This company was sold to a
national, publically traded company where Chris worked as a National VP of
Sales. For the past 9 years, Chris has owned and operated a new company with
his wife and is considered an expert in the field of Independent Medical
Examinations throughout New England.

In 2000, after some personal trials, Chris was searching for more in his
life. Thanks to a Christian sister that cared enough to share with him, he
began pursuing life as a Christian. Almost immediately, he had a burden to
help fellow Christians become better stewards of their money and
possessions. Since completing leadership training with Crown Financial,
Chris has led dozens of small group studies and witnessed numerous people
experience a closer relationship with Christ and more financial freedom.
Chris has used his experience to hold positions with churches and several
non-profit/faith based organizations. Now Chris continues to pursue his
passion to see for profit businesses, based on Christian values, fund the
work of God in our country.