Connie Collins, Director of Hospitality/Care Minister
work: 978-912-7616

Connie Collins


Director of Hospitality, also serving in the areas of Media/Sound and the Ministry of Helps and is a Care Minister

Where I am from:

Originally from Wakefied, Ma, lived for a time in Melrose, Ma, and have called Groveland, Ma. my home since 1996

Work/Ministry experience:

I work at Rite Aid as a wellness ambassador. I have served as a Sunday school teacher for many years.

How long have I been at CCF:

I've been blessed to call CCF Haverhill my home since 2013

Tells us about your family:

My wonderful husband and I have been together since 1982. Together we have been blessed with three beautiful daughters  whom are very smart, kind, and fun loving.

Favorite thing about CCF:

The love, values and wonderful people I meet through CCF Haverhill

Thankful for:

My beautiful family, dog and my church 


Big Daddy Weave, Third Day


"May you have blessing from heaven" ~ Unknown