Pastor Dave Hanshumaker, Assoc. Pastor / Director Men's Ministry
work: 978-912-7616
Name: David Andrew Hanshumaker

Title/Role: I serve as Associate Pastor over Outreach and Men’s Ministry

Where am I from?: I was born in Smithtown NY. Lived many years in New Jersey then relocated to New England.
Work/Ministry Experience: I have enjoyed do many different things including selling gold and diamonds as well as selling flowers. After I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior I was called to Northpoint Bible College where I earned my BA in Bible. I furthered my education at Liberty University receiving my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family with a Counseling Specialization.  I have since had the privilege of serving in the ministry in different capacities including serving as Associate Pastor in Manchester, NH and currently serving as Dean of Students at Northpoint Bible College.
How long have you been at CCF?:  My wife and I have been blessed to join the CCF family in 2016.

Tell me about your family: I met my wife, Donna, at Northpoint Bible College.  We have been married for 14 years (2003) and have an amazing son who is currently 9 years old. His name is Daniel and he truly loves the Lord and is involved in serving Christ in any way he can.

Favorite thing at CCF: This is a family where the love of God is visible. The gospel is not just preached but it is demonstrated.
Music: All styles
Book: “Healing the Sick” T.L. Osborne  This book will change your life as it did mine and my families. Learning what the Bible teaches is a powerful tool.
Quote: God is GOOD!