A reason for living: Molly's Story


Molly lost everything – her husband, her home, even her four children. This was not the first time she had known rejection and abandonment. They’ve haunted her since childhood.

“My mother packed my suitcase and dropped me off at DSS,” Molly recalls. “My mom suffered mental illness. As a child, the next door neighbors took care of me. They were my cousins, but I never knew this!” Now depressed, destitute, and desperate, Molly turned to drugs.

On July 3, 2009 Molly came home to a very scary situation, to a man in a blind, drug-induced rage. She prayed for protection. I knew he could kill me and not even remember it afterward. When you’re in a drugged-up rage like that, mentally you’re not there.” Then she heard in her spirit a strong, urgent directive, “Go! Go now!”

“I tried to go, but he reached out to grab my hair. Then, amazingly, he just stopped and looked up, and turned away.” She escaped unharmed. Molly says, “The only person who could have helped me in that situation was God. That man saw something. I believe it was my guardian angel.”

Soon after, Molly walked into Pastor Marlene Yeo’s church. It was a spontaneous decision. Walking down the street, she heard music coming through the open doors to CCF church. She felt God’s presence there. Pastor Marlene prayed for her deliverance from drugs, alcohol, depression, and self hate. Molly was instantly blessed, as she puts it, “I hit the ground. The love of God just knocked me over. I was probably high when I went in there. But this was something else! When I got up I said, ‘Someday I will be walking with you side by side.’”

Molly admits it’s been a struggle. Baptized since age 24, she never really grew in the Lord, but here for the first time she experienced what it’s like to have a mentor. “That’s when it all started to work for me,” she says. “A real church – a real family of God – is one that will love you no matter what. If people just plant a seed, but don’t water it with love, it can’t grow. Pastor Marlene showed me the character of Jesus. Now I’m part of a new family; I know what it’s like to be loved and accepted.”

Now Molly puts her past to good use. She says, “Instead of wandering around with no purpose doing drugs, being destructive, I now use that past to minister to others.” She hopes someday to become an outreach pastor. For now, she works in the office, helps out in the food bank, as well as with the various holiday outreaches.

“God puts the lonely into families and makes a place for the unwanted to be wanted,” says Molly, “I was wanted by none and hated by all, but now as a child of God I have a family, a purpose, and a reason for living.” 

(Taken from www.ElijahMagazine.com December 21, 2011 Issue.  Written by Jackie Picken)