God Did That: Peter's Story

Peter couldn’t find a place to hang himself in his Haverhill apartment. He had the rope. He wanted to be physically at the end of it, because that’s where he was in every other way. He walked around in that apartment, rope in hand, just looking for some place to hang the thing.

The shades were pulled down. That’s how they always were, these days.

“I felt like nobody wanted nothing to do with me,” he says. “I became a hermit. I was depressed and lonely. I felt so angry within me; I didn’t want nobody to talk to me. My brothers, nieces and nephews were worried about me; they’d call me on the phone. They would come to check up on me. But I wouldn’t answer the door and I wouldn’t answer the phone. I disconnected it. I didn’t want to have nothing to do with anybody. I was sick and tired of everything and just wanted to end it all.”

Peter remembered there was a big pine tree down by the pond – good enough to hang his rope on. So, leaving everything behind, he set off on foot heading for the pond and that tree, carrying only his backpack with the rope in it. It was Sunday morning, the day Christians celebrate life, the Life that comes meet you where you are – in Person. But Peter didn’t know anything about that. And now it was over, anyway.

Walking down Winter Street he was about to pass a little store-front church called Community Christian Fellowship (CCF) Street Church. He had met the pastor, Marlene Yeo, once before through a friend, but he had never gone to her church. In fact, he had never gone to any church. Now, just before the Sunday morning service, Peter felt a strong inner impulse urging him to go in. It was a mysterious feeling he couldn’t describe, but he decided to follow the impulse.

“As soon as I touched the door knob to go in,” Peter recalls, “I felt a relief. And when I went in and sat down all the sadness and all that terrible depression went away.“

Peter now has a mission. He serves his Lord and Savior and the community in all sorts of useful and humble ways, just happy being a blessing to others.

“I clean, I vacuum, I mop, clean the toilets, throw out the trash; I help out on Saturday mornings with the Café. We serve the homeless; we give them breakfast. Sunday morning I help put the chairs away, I vacuum, etc… anything that needs to get done.”

If you ask Peter what he thinks of this whole experience, he says, “Now I look back and I know God did that. He wanted me here. I haven’t been depressed like that since.” 

(Taken from www.ElijahMagazine.com December 21, 2011 Issue.  Written by Jackie Picken)