CCF Lowell

CCF Lowell
CCF Lowell

CCF Lowell was established in 1987 as as an international Charismatic church family and community of spirit-filled believers who love God loud and others as themselves.  CCF is committed to send believers to the lost and needy locally and abroad.  As a growing mega-church, CCF will continue to expand by planting churches in various locations.

We are committed to all peoples and this is evident by the beautiful diversity of age, social status, culture, and ethnicity among us.  We feel greatly blessed by the Lord and we invite you to visit and become a part of our church family.

CCF is led by three pastoral elders. Lowell is the mother church for our other locations and their official website is 

Rafael Najem, Pastor
Address:105 Princeton Boulevard
 Lowell, MA 01851
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