Pastor Lori Jane Simmer, Lead Pastor-CCF English, Elder, Overseer of Children's, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Worship and Outreach & Evangelism
work: 978-912-7616


Pastor Lori Jane Simmer


I serve as the Lead Pastor of our CCF English service, as well as serving as an Elder and Overseer of Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Worship and Outreach & Evangelism.

Where I am from: 

I am originally from Orange County, California.  I moved to Massachusetts when I was 14 years old.  I love the New England seasons!

Work/Ministry experiences: 

I worked in the electrical supply industry as a project manager for 22 years.  I have served in various areas of ministry since 1993, including evangelism, children, teens, young adults, worship and as an Associate Pastor. 

How long have you been at CCF: 

I have been with CCF Ministries since December, 1989.  In 2005, I was part of a team that was sent out to plant a new church in Haverhill, MA…CCF Street Church! Now, CCF Ministries of Haverhill.


Heidi Baker, Marlene Yeo, Nancy Simmer, Maria Woodworth Etter and of course Jesus!

Favorite thing about CCF Ministries of Haverhill:  

The people!  The folks here are real!  Real life issues colliding with a very real Jesus, equals a dynamic family of believers growing together in Christ and enjoying each other!